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Rod Thomas started in 1982 as a cameraman for ESPN shooting golf and NASCAR racing. He freelanced for CBS, ABC, TNN, HGTV,and shot and produced sports for ten years.

In 1992 He got a chance to produce a fishing show for The Outdoor Channel. Over the next ten years He produced four fishing and outdoor shows for TOC and Fox Sports South.

Because of my job, I got on board with some of the best fishermen and saltwater charter guides from Alaska to Mexico and Venezuela, not to mention most all of our fifty states as well.

He learned a ton about fishing, boating, and how to give 100% effort to give you a day of memories that will last you a lifetime.

Getting our Myrtle Beach fishing charter resources in front of our clients before they finalize their trip, helps them get the most out of their fishing adventures.

For more information about Myrtle Beach fishing, we have some videos available online and we also have other fishing adventures to choose from.

This companion website helps visitors looking for information about booking a fishing trip while in Myrtle Beach or heading to Myrtle Beach, find the information they need to plan and book their next fishing adventure.

Fun, Learning and making memories that last a life time is what we are all about.

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